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Repository of Resources

Intellectual Output 2: Repository of Resources on 1.5 and 2nd Generation of Migrants

IO1 will be a result of the partner organisations’ research and will serve as the starting point of the following activities of the project. This output will consist of comprehensive and exhaustive commented overview of information sources on the topic of the 1.5 and 2nd generations produced in the partner countries. Its goal is to:

a) gather available knowledge on this topic in Finland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland and UK;

b) find out to what extent migrant communities, with their values, behaviours, human instances and charges, along with their interplay with host societies, have elicited academic research, media, or pop culture in the partner countries;

c) map approaches to this topic in the partner countries, and therefore to provide a foundation to the IO2.

The Repository will contain descriptions and direct links to resources from a variety of both academy and non-academy contexts. The types of resources covered by the research would be the following:

1. Books

2. Articles, researches, conference papers, reports, interviews, etc.

3. Projects (EU-funded, research, national, international, etc.)

4. Audiovisual resources (films, documentaries, videos, etc.)

5. University theses

6. Web resources (blogs, online media, etc.)

7. Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, discussion groups, etc.)

8. Other (entries not included in the previous sections)

Each record will be accompanied by a brief description, and basic identification data (title, name/s of the author/s, date of publication, language, etc.), as well as a source link, where the original resource is available.

Expected impact

The Repository will provide a unique tool available to researchers, social and intercultural workers, language teachers and trainers, and others who are researching and working in the subject field, within the wider educational community, across Europe. The Repository will also expand the partners’ knowledge on the core subject and at the same time stimulate new thinking and experimentation while working on other project outputs. In this way, together with the IO2, the Repository will contribute to a firm and effective basis for the project and will inspire the partners for the subsequent work and didactic products.

Elements of innovation

The innovative aspect of the concept lies in the fact that a repository of resources focused on this specific topic has never been compiled before, although the matter is crucial to the area of integration policies, as the concerned generations of migrants concerned are increasing, together with their own specificities and needs. This way, the Repository will represent a unique source of information for any researcher, social and intercultural worker, language teacher, or anyone else who might need them for their own work. 

The Repository will be available on the project online platform through a set of web pages summarizing basic information about the entries, and including relevant links. 

Transferability potential

The output can be used for a variety of purposes both within and outside the partner countries:

+ as a source of information for scholars, researchers, and students, who have an academic interest in the topic of 1.5 and second generation;

+ as an educational material for social and intercultural workers, language teachers, trainers, and others, who meet the 1.5 and 2nd generation of migrants as a target group in their work.

Simple and open form of the output allows its adaptation across national and cultural contexts, but also its potential extension with other important topics, relevant for the target groups.